Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Intervew MatchUp (IMU).

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Q: What is a Host?
A1: A host can be defined as anyone who creates any kind of written (Newspaper, Magazine, blog ect.), audio (Radio, Podcast) or video (TV, Youtube, Vlog) interview.
A2: Someone needing quotes for press releases can also benefit from IMU as well as summit leaders and those compiling knowledge through the work of other people.

Q: I have found through the experience of having my own podcasts that the lions share of the work is in the searching out and screening of guests. I would sift through mountains of webpages and reach out to crowds of people each week to find someone with content that fit with the theme of my show that was also interested in being on my show. And then there was always the risk of having a guest who ran away with the show or who barely talked at all, can IMU help me?.
A: Yes, here at IMU, we have worked to take much of the research, guess work and frustration out of the process. And ultimately – in the future – we hope to make reviews from previous interviewers available. This will allow you to get the highest quality content for your show with the least amount of effort. It might even be fun too! (Check out a short video at the bottom about how to contact people of interest.)

Q: How do I find a Guest at IMU?
A: All you need to do is fill out the very simple profile, add some show info, a summary and some keywords. The keywords are important because it will allow potential Studio Guests to reach out to you which reduces your work even more. You can also easily browse for Guests by using Your own keywords. Pretty cool eh?

Studio Guests:

Q: What is a Studio Guest?
A: A Studio Guest can be anyone. Authors, musicians, politicians, artists, actors, sports personalities, inventors, hobbyists, reviewers, facilatators, persuaders, and so much more. Are you on fire? Do you have something to talk about? Something to share? Then IMU will serve you!

Q: How can I benefit from the IMU service?
A: For the first time in history, you have access to any number of show hosts. Marketing yourself has become easy with very little time involved. If you want to sit back and wait for someone to contact you, you can but why not market yourself and your offering directly.

Hosts & Guests:

Q: How do I start?
A: No matter what story you want to tell or product you want to get the word out about, find people to put you on their show is as easy as 1 2 3 4. 
1. Sign Up, we recommend “Gold membership” as it is free for 6 month.
2. Create your profile complete with keywords and summary.
3. Upload Your Media Kit to the media gallery.
4. Start searching for people using your keywords. Simple. So let’s get down to the business of getting recognized for your awesomeness!

Q: What is a Media Kit?
A: Go to whatever image editing program you would normally use. Create a blank page.
Add a background colour. Put a little picture of yourself in a corner (if it is your media kit) then type in a short description, a bio and contact info.
Save the file and then load it up to the media gallery on your profile page.

Q: How do I contact another person within InterviewMatchUp.com?
A: Check out this video

Get Contact

Membership (BETA prelaunch period):

Q: If someone joins with the 6 month free offer (offer ends 31/1-2019 midnight CET) can they cancel before their first monthly payment?
A: Yes, anyone can cancel at ANY time. No one is obligated to continue after that time. We think most will be super happy with IMU though.

Q: If someone joins at the end of Dec. 2019, do they get 6 months free starting from that date?
A: Yes, if someone sings up at the last possible minute, they get their 6 months. After the grand opening January 1. 2020  we will offer 2 months free.


More Q’s and A’s will be added shortly – Stay tuned!

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